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Sleepy Sun is currently my favorite band in the world. I enjoyed the incendiary live performances and the complex composing of their music virtually since the beginning. I was living in San Francisco when a copy of Embrace came to my hands and ears in 2009. They just blew me away! It was this strange and cool mix between the Black Crowes and Alice in Chains with a dual-vocal approach that was absolutely breathtaking.

I went to see them live for the first time when they were the supporting band for the almighty Arctic Monkeys in their US 2010 tour for the record Humbug that I also happened to love, but I was completely thrilled by the voice of Rachel Fannan and her stage presence.

I can now tell that I was more into Sleepy Sun than Arctic Monkeys at the time.

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After Rachel left I was disheartened because I thought the future of the band was jeopardized without her light, but it turned out not to be like that. In fact, they just blew me away with the 2012 record Spine Hits that I bought in vinyl, and now treasure at home. It was no wonder to me finding out that they had done sessions in Rancho de la Luna studio in Joshua Tree where Humbug was partly produced and recorded. Songs on the record are more direct, the band was transformed into a more precise and powerful gang. The vocals and the lyrics were so elaborate and brilliant that instead of losing a fan, they made a hardcore one out of me.

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Life went by and I still listened to their records and recommended them to most of my friends, but lost track of live performances and the whereabouts of the band. I became the dad of beautiful Rosie, my baby girl in 2013 and that changed my life in a 180° spin. It wasn´t until 2014 when I was listening to KEXP Seattle, my favorite radio station that I came across their performance and the new record Maui Tears. They blew me away yet again. Guitars were back and stronger than ever, the psychedelic dynamics and the deep waves of melodic vocals were completely mesmerizing to me. I used to play the album to Rosie in the car. I guess she´s just going to grow up listening to Sleepy Sun with the dad she got!

I created this blog out of love for music, love for psychedelic warriors like the guys of Sleepy Sun who have other jobs and struggle every day to live a better life just like I do, but who manage to find the time and make beautiful music.

I think my life is just better with them in it, and I want to encourage people to listen to new bands that might just blow their mind like Sleepy Sun did with me. I sure do miss Rachel on stage, but the 2017 album and tour was completely amazing.

I feel lucky to be count myself as one of their fans and I wish to share my luck with the world. Join us!