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Music lovers of the world unite!

That´s my battle cry for this blog. I want to ask all lovers of psychedelic rock, acid blues, and great songs to join me in keeping the legacy of bands like the Grateful Dead and the whole San Francisco trippy scene alive.

Sleepy Sun Live Performance
“Sleepy Sun Live Performance”

Are you a fan of The Black Crowes? You´re welcome to join!

Are you a fan of The War on Drugs? You´re welcome to join!

Are you a fan of good music? Please join us!

Share with us those amazing discoveries that just blew your mind. We want to hear about amazing new bands and also the old forgotten heroes that can make us change the way we perceive music.

I want to also encourage and welcome all the artists out there who think they can share their art with this growing community. Are you a writer, or a painter or maybe a sculptor? We want to hear about you, see your work, understand the roots, enjoy the evolution and share a great time. That´s what music is all about: taking everyday life to a different level, making the world a better place through a collective artistic expression!

Please contact us with your inquiries and knowledge so we can make this trip a better one for us all. Leave us a comment with your band´s website, your newest YouTube video, your friend´s music. It´s all welcome.

Join us and let´s make the world a better and more enjoyable place for us all.

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