Fun Facts About This Music Band

Did you know Sleepy Sun actually had a blog for the first years of the band with some very fun and strange photos from their early days – more on the band and how they got together here– and adventures into the unknown?

#1 What?

Sleepy Sun mixing minds
“January 22, 2008 Sleepy Sun Blog Post”

This post, from January 22 2008, has a very funny picture of a ghostly member jumping in the air while the rest is regrouping fearfully.

The image is coupled with a very, very strange writing that´s halfway between a drunken poem and an alien message to be delivered to humans in the form of a blog post. The funniest thing of all is that it was posted 10:23 PM, so it was an early party.

#2 Luck, Talent Or Both?

They were having a sound start in the San Francisco scene when all of a sudden, mainstream rock stars Arctic Monkeys knock at the door. The bass player´s girlfriend at the time (name cannot be disclosed) heard one of the songs from their debut album Embrace on a cover mount CD, and told her boyfriend to ask the band personally to join them on the road, so she could enjoy their music and get to know them while she waited for her boyfriend to hit the stage.

Sleepy Sun went from underground small shows to playing full concerts with the British rockers in US and Mexico.

They were very talented anyway to get to make an awesome album – but from that to a casual listening? That´s luck.

#3 Eurotrip: Party Hard And Work Hard

Sleepy Sun’s Eurotrip

For a great glimpse at what was going on with their first-ever European tour and some really cool pictures, these memories from 2009 are really great. They show the band in the early days with Rachel having a blast. The words used on the posts are hilarious and they even invite fans to kiss them at shows when they return. There are pictures of sleepy faces, men in underwear, pizza boxes, snow and a bunch of smiley faces all over the place.

#4 The Video!

The Sleepy Sun fellows are fun people to be around, and to leave proof that they had a blast while traveling to Europe, they put together an awesome video about the happy faces and the fun times. The video has music playing in the back and an effect that looks like it was filmed with a Super8 camera for a full Days of Our Lives vibe that´s compelling and extra fun to watch.