What Are Sleepy Sun Members Doing Right Now?

Sleepy Sun band is a rambling vagabond unit that has an impressive European and American fan base. Popular for its candy sweet pop music, the band has accomplished yeoman’s work with their youthful music. Ever since its inception in early 2000s, the band has created waves in the indie pop scene in the US. Founded by four UC Santa Cruz students, the band is based in Northern California.

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Sleepy Sun Background

Sleepy Sun members

Sleepy Sun band is based in Santa Cruz, California. Formed in 2005, the founding members of the band include Brice Tice (Drummer & Composer), Evan Reiss (guitar player &composer), Matt Holliman (guitar player &composer), Hubert Guy (Bass player) and Bret Constantino (main lyricist and vocalist). All initial members of the band studied at University of California, Santa Cruz.

The band began as a garage rock team but later shifted to psychedelia and thus Sleepy Sun name came into being.  The band is led by Bret Constantino, the vocalist. Rachel Fannan, the singer joined the band and together they released their album titled, ‘Embrace’.  Hubert Guy left the band in 2009, while Rachel Fannan in 2010. Jack Allen was the bass player for the band from 2009. He quit in 2015.

Big Break In 2010

The band’s supporting spot in the 2010 Arctic Monkey US Tour brought the band an entire new audience base. Their live show with its guitar solos, melodious voice and great textures brought them accolades. The band created huge dynamic shifts that resembled the 1960 psychedelic San Francisco scene but had a unique tilt that set it apart from the older version. Their music was reminiscent of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Who of Monterrey Festival in 1967.

Under ATP Recordings

“Fever” album

The band started releasing its music via ATP Recordings since 2009.  The album titled ‘Fever’ released in 2010 received impressive accolades from critics and audience. The music by the band was considered to be a continuous flow. The music bleeding into one another was attributed to the songs being produced by Colin Stewart back to back. The album was vocal driven with Constantino and Rachel providing strong vocal support.

Rachel Fannan broke away from the band due to creative differences. The band then shifted to producers Dave Catching and Ethan Allen with ATP Recordings releasing their next album, ‘Spine Hits’. Although Rachel Fannen was hard to replace, particularly in the band’s live shows, it managed to become more cohesive musically and literally.

Recent Albums By The Band

Maui Tears-album
” Maui Tears ” album

In 2014, the band released the album, ‘Maui Tears’ which has the same psychedelic music and heavy composition that resembled a mix of Spiritualized, Black Sabbath and the trippy dynamics of Jane’s Addiction. In 2017, Colin Stewart returned as producer of the band. The band released, ‘Private Tales’ under Dine Alone Records. Their 2014 album, ‘Maui Tears’ was also released by Dine Alone Records. The record featured trippy textured and relaxed music and had good dynamic shifts. 

Sleepy Sun’s Body Of Work

The album ‘Spine Hits’ displayed the days, months and miles traveled by the band in the van. It also shows an urgency and restlessness as depicted in the change of landscape in the album.  ‘Fever’ and ‘Emblem’ had a sprawling Zeppelin type of music, but the band’s music later leaned on powerful pop framework. Although their music resembles psychedelic form, what sets them apart is their juking, dodging and downshifting music, which they have maintained from the beginning with no signs of waning.

Sleepy Sun Members Now

The Sleepy Sun has been holding shows in California in San Francisco and Los Angeles region since the beginning of 2019. The band features show at The Chapel, San Francisco and Catch One in Los Angeles. The band was featured with The Asteroid No.4 and Pearl Charles at The Chapel in San Francisco. Evan Myall of Sleepy Sun played the acoustic house show with Ryley Walker in Santa Cruz in January 2019. The band is touring the San Francisco area extensively and pretty frequently. So, fans wanting to catch up with their music icons can look at the music shows in San Francisco Bay area or sign in to the Facebook page of the band to know their next live show in the region.