Sleepy Sun Band: What Makes Them Unique?

A psychedelic rock band, Sleepy Sun is based in San Francisco, but they started their journey in Santa Cruz, California in the year 2005. A four-member band, they have Bret Constantino on Vocals, Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss on guitar, and Brian Tice on drums. When they started out, they even had a bass player, Hubert Guy who left the band. They started out with rock but slowly shifted to psychedelia. It is in 2007 that they changed their name to Sleepy Sun. But, what is so special about the band? What makes them unique?

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One of the reasons that makes them unique is that the genre they chose. Yes, there are psychedelic rock bands, but not plenty. The music tries to alter and enhance the effects of hallucinogenic drugs with its electronic sound effects, solos, and other features, such as electric guitar, the use of Indian music, etc.

Sleepy Sun was started by students who stayed on the same floor during their freshman year. Their debut album, Embrace was self-released. They did it via their own record label and publishing company, known as Sol Diamond.

In an interview, Brian Trice said “I always thought ‘psychedelic’ just meant an altered state of consciousness. It’s a personal thing, not one thing or one genre. Now anything with reverb and guitar delay is psychedelic.” If you take this statement into consideration, you will know that it reflects their music.

Sleepy Sun doesn’t give the generic psychedelic music with only reverb or guitar delay. It has their own personal touch. It is something you hear with only their music. Remember, no other psychedelic band can give you want they offer. The kind of music they produce makes you want to catch a break and get lost in it. Although their music is an amalgamation of both rock and psychedelic, they are labelled only as the later. Maybe because their music is one-of-a-kind style, it is difficult to box them in a category.

With almost monk-like sounds and riffs that feel like they come from a distance, it makes you feel like you are floating. You don’t need recreational drugs for their music to make an impact on you. It helps deplete any stress and makes you feel relaxed. According to an interview conducted, when asked about their favorite song from their latest album, Evan Reiss said, “My favorite track off of PT is “Crave.”  Visceral guitars, Italian church bells, and a marimba. What more could one ask for?”

Crave is definitely an amazing piece of art. It starts of with the sounds of the ocean and moves on to a sort of upbeat yet lazy rhythm. The song flows like a sunny lazy afternoon in the winters, where the sun rays fall on your face, warming your skin, bringing you out of the cold and embracing you with hope. A hope that something better is yet to come. A hope that the world is a better place when given a chance.