The Best Places You Can Listen To Great Music Collection

There are some online stores and record labels that make the difference when it comes to great music collections. What makes that difference? Curating the catalog and informing about similar artists with great criteria.



This awesome community gathers record labels, artists, music lovers and journalists from all over the world with the only aim of helping the music industry grow and reach more people for otherwise unknown bands.

The artists profiles are very complete and you can also buy music in vinyl for all your favorite artists.

It also works as a huge forum in which users can edit band profiles and add information if its missing. There are also a forum and a blog section for those interested in reading further information about their most loved music genres.


“All Music”

Another really cool and complete music community that takes a very serious commitment to uploading and sharing accurate information about the thousands of artists featured. They have two very interesting tabs named “Discover” and “Recommendation” in which editors and contributors recommend brand new bands according to visitors’ tastes. This is exactly the added value of a platform like this, to have a guide taking us by the hand into the unknown with great taste and a lot of knowledge.


Soundcloud Logo

There are many uses of this powerful music platform. Many people use it to share songs and unfinished recordings with their friends in a private environment, but there´s way more to do than just that. There´s a whole community of free-music listeners who take on Soundcloud staff’s recommendations, and the ability to download the app and take that music with you is what sets them apart from the previous two. The access to all these features is completely free and you can even find some great podcasts that will make your commuting to work much better every day. Give them a try and upload your own music.



Nowadays this platform is so popular that it is a complete must. Every act should have a profile with their latest album and all the information about the latest touring dates. The good thing about Bandcamp for artists is that you can actually sell your music at the price you want, or let the people just stream it for free.

According to the platform, fans have paid over $6m for music in the last 30 days alone, and more than $236m since opening.

For music fans, there are plenty of great features too, like the Bandcamp daily section in which new artists are featured every day, the possibility of joining the mailing list and receive a weekly report of features, interviews, and reviews. Lastly, the Discover feature allows the user to filter the results by genre, format, location and time to see what´s new with their favorite artists and the ones like them everywhere in the world. This platform is still gaining popularity and the catalog is growing, so it´s great to visit regularly.