Top Tracks On YT In Comparison With Similar Bands

I wrote about the band’s social media accounts and following in a previous post.

Sleepy Sun’s YouTube channel features mostly official videos and some fun behind the scenes footage of the studio recordings and Giant Jenga fun.

There´s a lot of footage from the band´s live show but it is not posted on the band´s channel, but by fans on their own.

#1 White Dove

“Sleepy Sun – White Dove Album Cover”

The first video found is from 2009, for the band´s first single off their debut album Embrace (2009). The video is a psychedelic piece with some ’90s, grunge-era forest scenes and painted faces mixed with live performances on the heavier parts.

I found this video (and the whole band) reminiscent of The Verve and their early experimental years in which they had a multi-layered approach to psychedelic songs constructed around a great singer in the same way Sleepy Sun did. The heavy guitar influence, coupled with the dynamic shifts, make for this 1995 song a very strong antecedent for the later San Francisco Rockers.

#2 Duet With The Northern Sky

Duet With The Northern Sky-album cover
“Embrace Album Cover”

The video starts with a ’60s-like camera and is a very mellow song strummed quietly on an acoustic guitar, sung in two voices with former member Rachel Fannan. Both the song and the video have a chill vibe that takes you instantly to a happy place in your mind. The video´s footage is colored like a ’60s soap opera and it has some speed camera and movie effects that make it very unique and fun to watch too.

This video and song reminded me of great artist Daniel Johnston and his tune called “The Story of an Artist”. Both videos are collages of old footage taken with a super8 or a 35mm camera and put together in a very interesting way, either with stop motion or speed camera.