The Social Accounts Of Sleepy Sun Band And Where To Buy Their Music

The band has a presence on all the mainstream forms of social media currently available. There´s a profile created and they are active users, so let´s take a look one by one:



Sleepy Sun´s official Facebook page has 29,841 current followers – and counting – who actively interact with them.

Band members upload videos and photos of live performances as well as random funny moments on the road, memes and flyers for upcoming shows.

Most posts have reactions from users and multiple comments inviting them to go play to Malaysia, for example. There are also Digital Store and Events Date sections available to make direct purchases.



The band´s Instagram account has more of a modest approach bearing 1,446 followers who comment on and like the small number of 75 publications. The posts have a similar vibe to the Facebook ones, but there are some pictures of on-the-road moments that can be only found on this platform. They seem to take it with some sense of humor, which makes the account a whole lot of fun to follow. Exclusive peeps into studio sessions and behind the scenes content are really good for every fan´s delight.



The band´s Twitter account is active and features all contacts for bookings in the bio, which is kind of a more serious approach to an otherwise very informal platform. They RT (that’s ‘re-tweet’ to you and me!) fans’ comments and share any news concerning the band or band´s friends. Their followers as for today are 3,173 and they attempt to reach them with upcoming shows and news about recordings. A well-informed and active account that´s cool to follow.

Where To Buy Their Music

sleepy sun album
Sleepy Sun Album Cover

Their first records were issued by ATP Recordings, a label they share with some heavyweight space rockers like Spiritualized. Through them, it is possible to buy their second and third records Fever (2010) and Spine Hits (2012). Unfortunately, their first album Embrace (2009) is out of print. However, their first album can be found in the digital-only format through the band´s digital store in Facebook or their iTunes profile.

Later recordings came out through Dine Alone Records. It is possible to order Maui Tears (2014) and Private Tales (2017) from them in various formats. The astonishing red LP for their latest record is a complete must for fans as well as the dual LP release of Maui Tears.